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STARLY GIRLS TW Apk v1.1.0 Mod (High Damage/God Mode)


Game Category : Strategy Games

Last Updated On : February 10, 2017

Game Size : 37 MB

Version of The Game : 1.1.0

Developer Firm : SNSplus TW

File Format : Apk

Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up

Total Installs : 10,000 +

Google Play Rating : 3.7 / 5

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Game Overview

“STARLY GIRLS star mother” Chinese version, in addition to inviting a number of Japan’s most well-known voice actors, such as:

Mizuki Nana, sumire uesaka, Ayana Taketatsu, Aya Suzaki other cooperation outside, in order to fully present KADOKAWA GAMES game design on the delicate and rich with the game’s depth of content, the upcoming Chinese version, both in the game’s levels progress, or through meteor observations available Star Mother role, even within the game open gravity machines and related series of weapons and props, will open schedule trying to complete cf. Japanese version.
Players will be transformed into “Stars No.” captain, led the Galaxy stars bitch together to regain glory. The core of the game fighting, Star Mother is driving the way gravity machine to attack in combat players can grasp through Star Wives of timing attacks in the battle, and with their special skills or joint attack skills to complete the level . The players can be based on different levels and with different stars Mother gravity machine, significantly increasing the depth of the game and develop a strategy and playability through mode.

“STARLY GIRLS Star Mother” is a creation of the universe will resist, reclaim our glorious Galaxy and fighting story.
Western Gregorian calendar in 2110. Interstellar navigation technology is developed, the human universe was about to enter the era of occasion.

Human suddenly witnessed a day in the middle of the sky, opened a big black hole.

That means that black holes, cosmic creation reflects the will of “the Creator,” began to attack the galaxy where humans.
Creator’s purpose is to have all the darkness of the multiverse (swollen to wipe out) to complete the order of the universe truly unified. And this is the will of the universe itself, also means that everything that contains the Earth will be destroyed.
At the same time, the earth began to appear among the people, to accept the will of the awakening of the stars “STARLY GILRS.” Known as “Star Mother” of them, with the ability to manipulate cosmic dark matter “particles G”, is a special existence.
The Earth’s gravitational Technology Development Organization (GraD), carried out in secret in the ability to star mother, and the creator with a special mobile weapons “gravity machine (Gravity Gear)” research and development.
Now, you want to become a sailing ship captain gravity No. stars, star bitch led offensive launched against the creator of the war.

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