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16 Of The Weirdest And Most Unique Restaurants You Can Actually Eat At!

When was the last time you had a memorable dining experience? And I don’t just mean you had a pretty nice steak. I mean a REALLY crazy, memorable dining experience.

Well, unless you’re thinking of the time that waiter tripped and sent flaming kebabs across the restaurant like javelins and lit the tablecloth on fire (what a time that was) maybe you’re just not going to the right places!

Never fear, I’ve got some recommendations for you, for places to dine out which are more that just for good food!

Grab your credit card, book and table and remember to tip your waitress!

1. Ancient Ram Inn, England

The legendary inn is apparently one of the most haunted places in the world, so has surely got to be THE most haunted restaurant!

For centuries, paranormal activities being reported almost daily. Locals say that’s because it was built on a pagan burial ground, which was said to have been a place of child sacrifice before the inn was constructed in 1145.

The management just say the food is scarily good.

2. Safe House, Milwaukee

If you went past the outside of Safe House, on a corner of a Milwaukee street, you wouldn’t know it’s there at all! It looks like any other corner plot building, and there isn’t an advertising outside to tell you it’s there!

Even if you do knock on the door, you need to know the password to try to get inside (I’ve tried ‘Password’ and ‘Spaghetti’ and now I’m all out of ideas). It’s all kind of a throw back to a prohibition era speakeasy, but once you’re inside, the whole restaurant is spy-themed, secret agent style!

Apparently it’s a big tourist attraction. And Sergei says the red sparrow flies at midnight *pushes briefcase towards you with my foot*.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Surely one of the most spectacular dining experiences you can have in the world, Ithaa is off the coast of a private island in the Maldives, in the balmy Indian Ocean.

Sunk 16 feet below sea level and covered with a transparent dome, diners can watch the colorful schools of fish pass by as they eat their dinner, and see other incredible aquatic sights just inches from their face!

4. Snow Village, Finland

An entire village built out of ice, you can dine in a frozen palace just outside Kittilä in Finland, lit only by LED lighting. Remember to wrap up warm if you book a table here!

5. O.NOIR, Canada

With two locations in Montreal and Toronto, Canadian eatery O.NOIR gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘blind date’.

That’s because patrons dine entirely in the dark – and by dark, I mean pitch black! Even phones, flashlights or luminous watches aren’t allowed, as the restaurant serves their “surprise me” menu, which customers have to try and guess what they’re eating without seeing it!

So the waiting staff must have night vision goggles or something, right? Nope! They’re all blind or visually impaired, because the restaurant wants to raise awareness about such conditions.

6. Heart Attack Grill, Nevada

If you have a big appetite then the Heart Attack Grill might be worth a visit! This infamous restaurant’s spokesperson died in 2011 at the age of 29, the Heart Attack Grill is known for its ridiculously high-caloric meals.

Their famous policy of “350+ eat free” (meaning people over that large weight don’t have to pay for what they eat) has caused controversy over the years for promoting obesity and overeating. Where else but Las Vegas!

7. Funny Sex, Taiwan

Ever wanted to dine with a blow-up doll? How about drink out of a breast shaped mug? Or eat food shaped like genitalia? Well, I’ve got bad news for you, because the Funny Sex restaurant in Taiwan does all of that and more!

They’ve assembled an entire menu of questionably shaped foods, and handy charts that compare average sizes of… erm, various body parts… from around the world. Bon appetite!

8. Robot Restaurant, Japan

Because there’s nothing that gets pulses racing in Japan like a comic book come to life, the Robot Restaurant in the Japanese capital Tokyo is a science fiction fantasy come true!

This restaurant features robot fights, robot theater, half-naked waitresses (of course) and more neon lights and lasers than you can shake a freakin’ lightsaber at!

9. Disaster Cafe, Spain

What’s the worst way you can possibly imagine eating your dinner? In a storm? That would be pretty bad. In a hurricane? Jeez, that would be even worse! What about in an earthquake? NOW you’re talking!

That’s exactly what happened in the town of Girona in Spain, at the Disaster Cafe. The entire restaurant would rumble during dinner at random intervals, allegedly simulating a 7.8 magnitude earthquake!

Unfortunately for the Disaster Cafe, it closed its doors in 2015 and never reopened.

10. Mars 2112, New York

For years, Mars 2112 was a staple of Times Square in New York city. It was a sci-fi themed restaurant with a giant UFO outside that opened back in 1998 and was a fusion of good food and fantasy.

After dining, customers were even ‘teleported’ back to the street – in an elevator of course!

Perhaps appropriately, it closed its doors in the year 2012, never to return to this planet again.

11. Dinner In The Sky

Any location in the world is more beautiful from the air, right? That’s exactly what the founders of this novelty service are betting on! Available in more than 15 countries, if you’re willing to fork out a cool $40,000 you can have a gourmet dinner above your favorite city or location.

12. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

If it sounds like your idea of hell to be served food out of a toilet, while you sit on a toilet, and drink out of a toilet shaped mug, then you might want to avoid Modern Toilet, a restaurant chain in Taiwan.

I guess the real question is… what do their bathrooms look like?

13. Fortezza Medicea, Italy

Named after a famous historical fort built in Sienna, Italy, this themed restaurant gives you an idea of whether or not you could survive in prison… at mealtime, at least!

Okay, so maybe you can try eating like a prisoner, but the food is actually a little better than the food in jail, which makes it a bit more of a worthwhile visit for the food lover in your life. At the Fortezza, you’re served by actual inmates in a cell and eat with plastic sporks… because the staff are training to become chefs and front of house staff for when they’re released from jail!

14. Ninja New York, New York

If you’ve ever wanted to dine in feudal Japan, now you can in the middle of New York City. Yeah, because that’s a common dream for plenty of people, right? Wanting to dine in the feudal area of Japan?

Well, maybe it’s way better than I made that sound, because the entire waiting staff and servers are trained acrobats, and they jump and roll around the restaurant as they serve you. I don’t exactly know how common spillages are there, but I wouldn’t wear your fanciest clothes if I were you!

15. Cat Cafe, Japan

It’s an idea that’s springing up all over the world these days, but perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that the first ‘cat cafe’ originated in the wacky world of Japan!

Perhaps you’ve even been to a coffee shop like this, as many major western cities are now getting in on the act! They are well known for their feline inhabitants, who keep the customers company whilst you enjoy your coffee or tea.

Imagine having a drink and a snack, surrounded by the soothing purring of some of your best furry friends! Blissful!

16. Cabbages & Condoms, Thailand

What’s better than vegetarianism and safe sex? Vegetarianism and safe sex combined, of course! This Bangkok restaurant gives out condoms at the end of every meal, and even has their servers wear them… on their heads. How dignified.

The Cabbages & Condoms slogan is “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”… because you know how annoying all of that pregnancy-causing food can be!

Would you dine in any of these crazy places? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!

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