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15+ Breathtaking Birth Photos That Show The Immense Strength That Doulas Possess

Doulas, synonymous to love and care.
A click by Elliana Gilbert:

When the new mom, hustles to make the newborn breastfeed, doula plays her part in the training.

Photograph by Jennifer Mason:

When at the time of delivery, the mother-to-be is too tired to push further.

Clicked by the lens of Beloved Bits:

When she needs to be pacified with those soothing words, a doula plays her part to comfort her.

From Caitlin Angel Photography:

A doula giving the massage and pressure at proper points to help ease the labour pains.

From Rachel Utain-Evans Photography:

Warm words and a caring touch, enough to calm the expecting mom down.

A click by Santa Cruz Birth Photography:

Doula helping her patient by wiping off that sweat.

By ‘A Wondered Life Photography’:

This is so cute and so endearingly beautiful, a doula mending her patient’s hair.

Clicked by Lillian Craze Birth Photography:

When the going gets tough, doulas play their part, with all the physical and emotional support.

Jen Conway Photography’s click:

A doula helping the soon-to-be-a-mom, and trying to assuage her pain.

KE Documentary’s capture:

Doulas grabbing the hands of the patient, encouraging her to push harder.

Life Unscripted Photography:

Embracing the head of the patient, to pacify her.

Krista Evans Photography:

Some words can work magic, to heal the pain, or even to mitigate it.

Bonnie Hussey Photography:

A doula giving strength to the patient to fight back.

Esther Edith’s capture:

Kind words to keep going and the affirmation of happy news, a doula’s words can work wonders.

Lulu Be Photography:

When after delivery too, pacification is needed.

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