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10+ Bad Designs That Are Over The Top Ludicrous

Remember when you walk into a mall and see some weird ads or poster that just doesn’t make sense or just doesn’t sit right? All we can do is just look at it and wonder, “how on earth can some people be so stupid enough to not see the obvious mistakes?”

Let’s just think for a minute that yes it might have occurred in their mind about the filthy designs but they just had to go with it because they can’t change it or do anything about it. That is why ‘second thoughts’ exist people!

Anyways, it’s pretty hilarious and kinda funny. No doubt it’s absurd but let’s look at them and have a big laugh, shall we?

1. Since when did Spiderman have a visible panty line?

2. But why does the kid need a wine lesson?

3. Can it be more predictable?

4. Nice choice of wall decoration they have here.

5. I think I’ve found Alfalfa’s mother.

6. Oh please, why are you so weird?

7. I’m a diabetic and my face needs to be on this sheet as well.

8. The whole point of having two keys is what they didn’t understand.

9. How are you suppose to sip from the cup?

10. Lauren is no doubt a monotonic person.

11. The first glance is all it takes.

12. It’s like they sat for the meeting and decided, how to horrify people on public toilets.

13. I can only imagine Dolly Parton behind the steering wheel.

14. I’m wracking my brain trying to find the purpose of this greeting card.

15. Let’s hope all fathers are strong enough.

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